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Why ClassMind?

Students live in an entertainment world, where competition for their attention is fierce. ClassMind grabs their attention to quickly identify which students are learning and which ones need help. Read our story here →

What is ClassMind?

ClassMind is a brilliantly simple, interactive teaching aid that engages students in class using their own entertainment devices (phones, tablets, and computers). With ClassMind, students are motivated to learn, prepared before coming to class, engaged during class, and better at retaining course material.


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The Team


  • “Really fun to see questions & answers in real time. Worst part is now I actually have to do the reading and know what I’m talking about. ClassMind is effective & motivates learning.”

    Oklahoma Baptist University Student
  • “This is a great resource for the classroom. Forces students to be prepared before coming to class and to stay engaged during class time.”

    Dr. Michael Hirlinger, Oral Roberts University
  • “This made class more fun. But now we’re screwed, because there will be quizzes everyday. I don’t do the reading every time.”

    Oklahoma Baptist University Student
  • “This process helps to keep people involved. Typically people go to sleep or stop paying attention, but because of its involvement throughout the class, it forces people to stay awake & participate.”

    Student @ Oklahoma Baptist University