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Here’s how to ensure 100% your students learn better

  • 1. Leverage their Smartphones
    1. Leverage their Technology
    Why not utilize your students' own technology in class to respond to your questions?
  • 2. Start
    2. Start "Pivot" Teaching
    Responses are shown graphically so you immediately know if you need to recover a topic or not.
  • 3. Spark Better Discussions
    3. Spark Better Discussions
    After seeing what 100% your class thinks, you can open up discussion based on your new insights!
  • 4. Track their Progress
    4. Track their Progress
    View how each student's performance is trending daily so you can easily see who needs help.

Who’s using ClassMind?

Teachers and students around the world use ClassMind to learn better, including from these great organizations:

  • University of Oklahoma
  • Oklahoma Baptist University
  • Oral Roberts University
  • Towson University
  • Purdue University
"This is a great resource for the classroom. Forces students to be prepared before coming to class and to stay engaged during class time."
"Really fun to see questions & answers in real time. Worst part is now I actually have to do the reading and know what I'm talking about. ClassMind is effective & motivates learning."

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